Isolated bass, The Police (Sting) and Blur (Alex James)

Third post in an ongoing series, and just like the first one (Isolated instrument tracks), two quite different, but really cool bass tracks!

Also like the first post (Beatles and Queens of the Stone Age), a clean bass track followed by one with effects, fuzzy bass once again!

First, the bass track from The Police’s “Next to You”:

Sting of course playing. The verses are not the most complex bass line, but given the speed it is played at (somewhere around 160-170 BPM), it is something, and the chorus does have a bit more to it. And during the slide guitar solo (1:04 – 1:25), the bass matches up nicely!

The song is in A-Major, and for you bass players, here is a tab!

Next, Alex James on bass in Blur’s very well-known “Song 2”:

Just like the guitar on the track, the bass is quite distorted (or fuzzy)!

“Song 2” is in The A-flat major or its relative minor, F minor. And the best rated tab on I have not tried either out, yet, but I assume they are quite good.

Isolated instrument request? Comment or Tweet me. And once again, thanks for reading!

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