This is the third time I have featured her in a blog post (first and second), and deservedly so!

She is presently working on her full length debut album after having released 3 EPs. Read her update from just over a month ago: Florrie – Absence, Updates & Endorsements.

Check out her latest track, written specifically for promoting earbuds:

That one may take a few listens yet to grow on me, so here is “Shot You Down” from her most recent EP, Late:

Not my favourite of hers, but still really good! And watch for the shots of her sitting on an amp, very nice! They should send me all the raw footage so I can make a ‘fan cut’ version (hint hint!)!

And lastly, the song that was an aha moment for me right around two years ago, and realised, damn this (and Florrie) is good!

Give me Your Love


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