Too Much Music Radio, episode 1 is over. Episode 2, May 4!

(Yes, made in Paint!)
(Yes, made in Paint!)


(When live, and I may randomly play music every now and then)

The blog title pretty much says it all, at 6PM, just over one and a half hours, the debut episode of TooMuchMusic Radio! It will be streaming via the new Grooveshark Broadcast.

I have a few tracks ready to play for the debut episode, but in the future, in the spirit of radio, I will decide more of what I will play on the fly. However, as with my terrestrial radio days, I will certainly prepare for my shows! (Hint, tonight will feature ‘radio’ songs!)

Grooveshark Broadcast allows us to record and add 30 second snippets, but I will not be adding any voice quite yet until I get a proper microphone, which should be in the near future as I want to start a regular podcast series.

Anyway, do listen in at 6PM EDT (10 UTC) for one hour!

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