Spring Cleaning post #3: YouTube (live music channels)

Last year I managed two “Spring Cleaning” posts. They are of course as they sound, the blog equivalent of Spring cleaning, that is, going through old drafts, fixing them up a little bit, and publishing them. I tend to accumulate quite a few drafts, blog post ideas that come to mind, that may or may not actually see the theoretical light of day that is the availability of everyone on the internet to be able to enjoy reading it.

Last year’s were: Spring cleaning: Best synthline of 2011 and Spring cleaning post #2: Music podcasts I’m listening to.

This draft was saved as “YouTube” in my drafts way back on July 10, 2011(!), and it just contained the two links you will find below. With that in mind, I will add (quite) a few words once again.

The two links are YouTube channels that feature live music performances.

The first one is called Le HibOO out of Paris. I have no idea which video it was that made me discover this channel, but it seems to have a wide variety of performances based on the thumbnails, many artists I have not heard of. I am also guessing they are fairly mellow in nature, again, from the thumbnails, and also their name is ‘the owl’ in English.

Check out First Aid Kit (Swedish folk) walking and performing “The Lion’s Roar“. The acoustics at the end are cool (watch and see/hear), including a van mucking up the making the performance interesting!

Also, Laura Gibson’s (American folk) performing the title track from her latest effort, “La Grande

The next one is from the other side of the English Channel, it is called “Watch Listen Tell“, and they seem to focus on acoustic versions of popular songs.

The first video of theirs I saw was Lissie’s doing a very bare bones version of “Everywhere I Go“, but whew, her voice steals the show, especially on the chorus!

Their featured video right now is Half Moon Run, a band I had never heard of until four minutes ago, and happen to be from Montreal! They perform their song “Unofferable“.

Le HibOO has 483 videos while WLT has 40.

So, go enjoy some good music, starting with what I linked. And once again, thanks for reading!

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