Well, first post since Saturday night. Expect an announcement in about nine days….

I was listening to the start of the terrific Beastie Boys album Hello Nasty, and specifically checked out the samples used on track one, “Super Disco Breakin'”.

Wikipedia lists the following samples having been used:

  • “Sucker M.C.’s (Krush Groove 1)” by Run-D.M.C.
  • “Is Manhattan in the House?” by Busy Bee
  • “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” by Gary Numan


I know for sure the first is correct, as it is listed in the liner notes, and it is the only one over at And that is apparently “Busy Bee” speaking, so maybe not exactly a ‘sample’. (Well, okay, I suppose it is a sample, as it was recorded in 1982 it appears!)

I listened to the Gary Numan track, and it does not really sound like it was sampled on “Super Disco Breakin'”. However I did recognise the song, as I knew a song that had used the melody from “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”. It took a moment, and then I realised it being the British pop group Sugababes’ “Freak Like Me”, itself a cover of Adina Howard’s song of the same name from 1995 (which I did not know). Adina’s original version (which is not bad!) samples Bootsy Collins’ Bootsy’s Rubber Band “Bootsy’s Rubber Band”, whereas the Sugababes track indeed interpolates Gary Numan’s track as the backing melody. Got that? I hope so. If not, listen and you shall see what I mean:

I included the Beastie’s track for reference. And really by coincidence, my last post was about the one year anniversary of the tragic loss of Adam “MCA” Yauch.

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