#SoundCloudSunday – Sick of it All via Century Media

Some nice brutal hardcore from the kings of New York City Hardcore for your Sunday night! Brought to you from Sick of it All!

They have been going strong since 1985, and are currently at work on their new album!



Only their last two albums were on Century Media (Death to Tyrants on the short-lived — about five years — imprint Abacus Recordings), the last two having being quite heavy. And they also released Non-Stop, selections of their older material re-recorded on Century Media in 2011.

Track one from Death to Tyrants, “Take the Night Off”:

Track one from Based on a True Story, “Death or Jail”:

Watch the video for “Step Down”, a classic track from 1994s Scratch the Surface, and a great video!

Now (although bassist from 1992 on, Craig Setari on the right, Rich Cipriano being in the above picture):


Unfortunately they are not on Grooveshark, but are on Rdio, so likely other legal streaming sites. With that in mind, seek out the song “Good Lookin’ Out” from 1997s Built to Last, one of my favourite tracks from them. As far as full albums go, Call to Arms was generally not well received but I liked it very much at the time of release, and still do to this day, it definitely has a distinct feel they never had on any album. As does their next album, 2000s Yours Truly, which could almost be thought of as a concept album.

Sick of it All:

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Second to last #SoundCloudSunday before a hiatus!

And, once again, thanks for reading (and listening)!

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