Rina Sawayama: New music that’s fit to print #1

I listen to a LOT of new music, okay, maybe not a LOT, but quite a bit (I am fairly selective), and, I like quite a lot of it (somewhat thanks to being selective and looking for stuff I reckon I will like, but also, I am quite open minded), BUT, I really really like not too much of what I find.

With that, a new blog series: New Music that’s Fit to Print! Fit to print, being a reference to days of yore, pre-internet, when printed page could certainly not contain everything (as is the case, or close, with the internet).

Anyway, one artist I am really into her after hearing her debut mini-LP is Rina Sawayama!

Wikipedia calls her Future Pop / R&B. The former seems apt.

Big things ahead for her for sure!

Watch this i-D feature, and then, my favourite track from the album at this moment (other tracks are subject to grow on me, like “Take Me as I Am” with it’s futuristic feel, and at the same time sounding like sampling Funky Drummer!), but, Afterlife is a GOOD one!


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