Punk Rock Wisdom: Youth Brigade – I Hate My Life

Anthony Bourdain: another high profile suicide. I only know him from television, but, he seemed like a solid individual.

This tweet sums it up well:

Of course, those with mental health issues, and depression must seek help. Suicide is a very unfortunate answer that causes anguish to those that loved and cared for the individual who took their life.

Odds are good you know someone who took their own life. And, odds are good you have felt low in the past, or even now reading this, and contemplated suicide, even if not necessarily very seriously. I have. That is where this song comes in. I will cut right to the chase.

Can’t work or go to school today
Can’t remember if I do that anyway
Got some money got no clue
The worlds a mess

When you are feeling low, it feels like nothing matters.

Complain complain life sucks anyway
If it’s all so hard, let them take it all away
Why the competition
Why stress to death
Be happy with what you have
Most have so much less

And, the poignant part:

I hope someday we realize how good it really is
Yeah I may hate my life at times but I always try to live.

The last line has stuck with me since I heard the song at some point in the 1990s.

Life can suck, it can really suck, it will have us saying fml (fuck my life) at times. And yes, thinking about ending it.


When life is good, life is great! Rocking out to your favourite song, chilling with friends, having that amazing moment when you call a crazy pool shot and it happens, etc. etc. etc.! These are moments WORTH LIVING for!

DO get help, do speak with someone, times may be tough, but, they WILL get better.

Listen to the song:

And read the full lyrics on Genius.

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