St. Vincent – Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood, music video!

I got into Portlandia rather late in the game, and still I have not watched too much if it. Anyway, rewind to pre-Portlandia:

Brownstein and Armisen first met in 2003 and began collaborating on a series of comedy sketches for the Internet in 2005 titled ThunderAnt. The sketches became increasingly Portland-centric

In July 2009, the duo pitched their idea for a full-fledged sketch comedy show to IFC and Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video production company, and the project was quickly approved.

And, from NPR:

A few months ago, Annie Clark — a.k.a. St. Vincent — asked if she could do an in-store performance at the Women For Women First bookstore. WFWF is a fictional bookstore — created by ThunderAnt, a.k.a. Fred Armisen and myself — that is featured in our “Feminist Bookstore” sketches. Naturally, we obliged, and what came of it was a video for St. Vincent’s fabulous song, “Laughing With a Mouth of Blood.”

Anyway, watch the video!

From Actor, St. Vincent’s second album, released 9 years and change ago, May 4, 2009!

Also, it is my 2862nd daily featured video on Twitter, going back to August 20, 2010!

See many more here (constant work in progress)!

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