Food and Music #1

I like food. It is kind of essential (joking tone, as, well, it IS essential to stay alive!). I also like music!

Things we like often finds its way in music (and other forms of popular culture).

With that in mind, I thought would start what I hope will become a series of ongoing posts of food and music.

To commence entry one, I made rice tonight (to go with other stuff), and it went rather well, my Instagram pic:

I like to learn how to cook things well, and, an that note, learn things in-depth (I will have to revisit the Good Eats rice episodes (Power to the Pilaf, Do the Rice Thing, and American Classics III: Creole in a Bowl!)

Thanks to Gordon Ramsay and the BBC for the help (videos below)!

Now, the music. There aren’t too many tracks dedicated to rice, there are lyrics with rice in them though, such as:

Rose gold Jesus piece with the brown ice
Eatin’ good: vegetarian with the brown rice

Kanye West on “Don’t Like”


Rice under black beans
Walked into Apple with cracked screens

Chance the Rapper on “Blessings (Reprise)”


Mama used to cook red beans and rice
Now it’s Denny’s, 4 in the morning, spoil your appetite

Kanye again on “No More Parties In LA”


So, for something that does not really have anything to do with rice save for the title which could be a reference to throwing rice at the end of a wedding, an artist I like, Cashmere Cat with “Rice Rain”:

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