Musical Geography (via NES Jeopardy)!

Ah, the YouTubes!

I grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in my formative years, and Jeopardy on said console was a game I enjoyed playing!

Over the course of navigating YouTube, this game came to mind, and I thought I would look it up. Instead of clicking a playthrough (where the game is played either in its entirety, or a good chunk of it, with the original audio, sans commentary), I clicked on a YouTube channel that did a ‘Let’s Play’ of it. This category was in the ‘Jeopardy’ round!

Tip of the hat to Stoned Gremlin Productions‘ “Jeopardy (NES) – Me and Mrs. Jones” video!

I only got three of the following correct! I do remember having seen this category ages ago, alas, I could not recall $300 and $500! But, I tweeted them, and played the track in question whilst doing so! Some good music for sure!






I recommend listening to the above songs. And, further exploring the artist’s catalogues!

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