Figuring out Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ algorithm Pt. 2

After one week, and just having played Those Dancing Days’ Daydreams & Nightmares, I played their debut album In Our Space Hero Suits the next week.

I did not log in last week, however this week, here is the Discover Weekly playlist in text form (song – artist, personally, I would have put it as artist – song, but, that is how made it!):

1 First Class Riot – The Tough Alliance
2 Jeg Har Varit Vilsen, Lisa – Parken
3 Dansa, fastän – Säkert!
4 Caligula – Hästpojken
5 Beat Control – Tilly And The Wall
6 Things Will Never Be the Same Again – JJ
7 It Pays to Belong – The Embassy
8 Anna – Hello Saferide
9 High Drama – Laakso
10 Spring Ricco – Florence Valentin
11 Smutser – Kristian Anttila
12 And I Found This Boy – Maia Hirasawa
13 Tell No One About Tonight – Le Sport
14 Never Follow Suit – The Radio Dept.
15 Always on My Mind – Joel Alme
16 Halleluja! – [ingenting]
17 The Escapologist – Sugarplum Fairy
18 Rad Pitt – Egyptian Hip Hop
19 Compliments – Band of Horses
20 The Only One – Me And My Army
21 Bjurö klubb – Laleh
22 For the Sun – Amanda Jenssen
23 Hot Lips – Pacific!
24 Mon Amour (Alternative Single Mix) – The Plan
25 Young Love – Moto Boy
26 Civilization’s Dying – The Hives
27 Ways to Dance – Kite
28 You Could Have It – So Much Better Without Me – Miss Li
29 Paris – Kate Nash
30 Not In Love – Crystal Castles

In short, no artist above directly is related (by Spotify’s method anyway) (quick side note: on the web interface, it is still “Related Artists,” while on the desktop and mobile it has been “Fans Also Like” for a while!). However, there are many Swedish artists, and many female Swedish artists. The only ones that I may not link too closely (from what I know) is Band of Horses, and Crystal Castles.

So, to keep this short, I probably could have just said Discover Weekly is “based on other people’s playlists…,” and linked to this: The magic that makes Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists so damn good!

Oh well, there is some good new music to discover from the above artists, whether in Swedish, or English, music is the universal language after all!

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