Dixie Chicks are back!!!

Press play!

My very first blog post on here was about their last album, from just shy of 14 years ago (and blog post just shy of 13 years ago)! Here it is (it’s pretty short):

It has been just over 53 weeks since Taking the Long Way was released, and I still highly recommend it. No longer is it as fresh in my mind, but I still give it rotation every now and then. It was nominated for 5 Grammys and deservedly won in all categories it was nominated for. Rick Rubin won producer of the year for his work on the album, among others.
I’ve been a Dixie Chicks fan since Fly was released in 1999. I probably heard them before that, and probably liked them, but “Ready to Run” is what I really remember. Then when “Long Time Gone” was released as a single, I was an even bigger fan, as that song, and the album, Home, is a great country/bluegrass album. In fact, the first time I heard “Not Ready to Make Nice” I was a little disappointed, as Home was so good.

Once the controversy began, and followed them around, I appreciated them all the more.

I had the chance to catch them on the Accidents and Accusations tour, and I am glad I did, as it was a killer show. Playing their own instruments, and lip sync free. And Natalie has one heck of a voice. So there isn’t too much else I’ll add for the moment, aside from give Taking the Long Way a listen, and then check out their previous albums!

On “Gaslighter”, they are sounding just as invigorated as they did all those years ago. And, on Gaslighter, the album (due out May 1), Natalie said: “our last album was the most personal and autobiographical we’ve ever been, and then this one is 10 times that!” I cannot wait! Actually I can, if I could not, that could be problematic! But the wait will likely be worth it!

I realised I forgot to add their new video on my previous blog post (International Women’s Day), but then realised it would make a great post of its own!

I am making an attempt to update this blog more frequently.

With that in mind, if anyone is interested in writing a guest blog post, get in touch!

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