I like music. I also like making videos for YouTube:

Main channel (Assorted videos featuring me)

TheBoringGamer (Boring gaming videos)


Old bio:

Too Much Music (is a good thing) is a music blog. Written by a music fanatic, me! The title is pretty simple. It basically conveys the point of the blog, and that is that there is too much music out there to listen to, and too little time. Therefore too much music is a good thing. And yes, I am referring to only to good music.

I am based in Montreal, so I will have posts about Montreal music and shows, but still feature music from around the world (as it is local music somewhere!).

Genres covered range from rock to pop to R&B and more. I also have a love for female vocalists regardless of the genre. I also like checking out music videos for the music I enjoy, again, especially female singers!

I mostly stick with reviews, posts about new music. I’ll also include other various posts, including but not limited to concert reviews, music on television, music videos and so on. I’ll have various other posts as well now and then. On my Twitter (next paragraph), I feature a new music everyday, I have been doing it since August 2010.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter too, @tmmblog.

Contact me via my contact page (email, pre-made form), as I’d love to hear about new music worth writing about, and I am also looking to write for other publications (hint hint).

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