This is old, but will leave it here…

My name is Andrew, and I am a music fanatic.

I’m not a professional in music in any way (in time!). Just a big music fan. I’m learning bass and keys right now. I would to learn to play drums too. Not to mention get way better at electronic music.

I’d also like to write about music for a living (contact information at the bottom).

My Dad is an accomplished organist.

I’m 31 years old, and got into music in the late 80s, purchasing some cassettes back in the day. Jive Bunny (the first one I believe!), Midnight Oil (Diesel and Dust, my sister had Blue Sky Mining and it was a blue transparent tape, and I was jealous, needless to say, Diesel and Dust was the standard opaque.), Fine Young Cannibals (The Raw and the Cooked), etc.

I did not listen to music for a while, and got back into it in the mid 90s, thanks mostly to punk rock (Pennywise, Bad Religion).

From there I did some campus radio, and writing. I’ve been listening ever since.

If you like my writing, or my musical taste, I’d be willing to freelance, or take a staff job! Contact me at baseball363 at gmail dot com.

I also write a baseball blog, Baseball363.

I have a few other small much less updated blogs, Punk Rock Wisdom and companion blog, Reason for Concern, Old Tyme Baseball, Wannabe Green Blog, and All of my Neurons are Functioning Smoothly

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