#mvod (music video of the day)

I have been featuring a music video every day on my Twitter since August 20, 2010!

Here is a list of them all! Finishing this post is a constant work in progress of course, but serves as a handy reference!

#3000 A Tribe Called Quest – The Space Program
#2999 Cherry Glazerr – Daddi
#2998 Mitski – Washing Machine Heart
#2997 KT Tunstall – Human Being
#2996 Liza Anne – Closest To Me
#2995 Ariana Grande – breathin
#2994 Victoria Monét – New Love
#2993 Carly Rae Jepsen – Party For One
#2992 King Princess – Pussy Is God
#2991 Elvis Costello & The Imposters – Suspect My Tears
#2990 Neko Case – Last Lion of Albion
#2989 All Saints – Love Lasts Forever
#2988 Miya Folick – Stock Image
#2987 Kali Uchis – Just A Stranger ft. Steve Lacy
#2986 Toro y Moi – Freelance
#2985 Lisa LeBlanc – I Love You, I Don’t Love You, I Don’t Know (I typo’d!)
#2984 Lisa O’Neill – Rock The Machine
#2983 Billie Eilish – when the party’s over
#2982 Thom Yorke – Unmade
#2981 Saya – The Moon
#2980 Tusks – London Thunder
#2979 Jenn Champion – O.M.G. (I’m All Over It)
#2978 Jessie Ware – Selfish Love
#2977 U2 – Get Out Of Your Own Way
#2976 Kero Kero Bonito – Flyway
#2975 Thom Yorke – Open Again

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Too Much Music (the radio show)!

Here it is! Too Much Music (the radio show)! If you are in a location where you can listen to audio (home, work with headphones, etc.) Click play now, and keep reading (alternatively, listen later)!


I have been listening to music pretty much all my life, passively of course early on, but actively since I would say I was 8 or so years old. Anyway, I will spare the finer details (I will save that for the book I am working on!). Finer details aside, for about 12 years I would say I have been a very active listener of music, to the point where I listen to a lot of music, and appreciate multiple genres. Thus, I would like to share the music I enjoy, and the radio show was finally born. I used to do campus radio, or college radio as it is called in the U.S., so that definitely helped too!

Episode 1 features my favourite track from 2018, and the theme thereafter is covers followd by a different song by the original artist!

Subsequent episodes will all have a theme!

So, give it a listen and tell me what you think in the comments below, or find me on Twitter, @tmmblog!

Too Much Music the radio show, coming soon!

Yes, where I play music and talk! Albeit more of the internet based radio show variety, and not so much terrestrial radio (the ones with dials, possibly, and tuning to a station, 103.7 FM for example).

My lifelong goal of hosting a radio show on AM radio will have to wait for another day!

Nevertheless, similar to this blog, I will feature countless music genres, and add what I hope is some insightful chatter!

Alright, I will keep this post short and to the point!

Also, plenty of new blog posts forthcoming!



Jain, Oh Man, live at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (oh man, indeed!)

I do not often make a single blog post for a single YouTube video (perhaps I should more, sharing is caring after all, and I want to spread good music!), anyway, this one is DEFINITELY worthy!

Jain (Jeanne Louise Galice) is a talented French singer-songwriter who just released her second album, Souldier, in August 2018. She released her debut, Zanaka, at the age of 23!

In this video, she is performing “Oh Man” at the MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) in Barcelona, and it is a very, very well put together performance! Be sure to view the credits to see how many people were needed to put it together!


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Musical Geography (via NES Jeopardy)!

Ah, the YouTubes!

I grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in my formative years, and Jeopardy on said console was a game I enjoyed playing!

Over the course of navigating YouTube, this game came to mind, and I thought I would look it up. Instead of clicking a playthrough (where the game is played either in its entirety, or a good chunk of it, with the original audio, sans commentary), I clicked on a YouTube channel that did a ‘Let’s Play’ of it. This category was in the ‘Jeopardy’ round!

Tip of the hat to Stoned Gremlin Productions‘ “Jeopardy (NES) – Me and Mrs. Jones” video!

I only got three of the following correct! I do remember having seen this category ages ago, alas, I could not recall $300 and $500! But, I tweeted them, and played the track in question whilst doing so! Some good music for sure!






I recommend listening to the above songs. And, further exploring the artist’s catalogues!

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Discover new music – method #1 – Later… with Jools Holland guests.

First in a new series of ongoing blog posts!

Think talk show musical guest, but only the music and musicians!

His show has been around since 1992, and is still going strong! Himself a musician, and was a member of the band Squeeze. Just read the intro to his Wikipedia article (just that he is a member of Order of the British Empire says a lot!)

View the list of episodes and guests on Wikipedia, and go seek the performance on YouTube! Do so with artists you know, and those you don’t, a great way to discover new great music!

Show itself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Later…_with_Jools_Holland

List of episodes, click here! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Later…_with_Jools_Holland_episodes

For example, the TV debut of one of my favourite new female artists, King Princess, and the great 1950 (worth reading what the song is about too):


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808s & Heartbreak 10 years to the day (all the videos!)

November 24, 2008, if I am doing my math correctly, that is 10 years to the day.

Articles aplenty on its lasting effect, notably this one from Genius, with many links within to videos: The Enduring Influence of Kanye West’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’.

Without further ado, check out all the music videos produced for the album:

Produced by Simon Henwood:


Produced by Hype Williams:

Produced by NABIL (featuring the visual technique of datamoshing)

Produced by Hype Williams:

Produced by NABIL:

Produced by Javier Longobardo:

Produced by NABIL:

Food and Music #1

I like food. It is kind of essential (joking tone, as, well, it IS essential to stay alive!). I also like music!

Things we like often finds its way in music (and other forms of popular culture).

With that in mind, I thought would start what I hope will become a series of ongoing posts of food and music.

To commence entry one, I made rice tonight (to go with other stuff), and it went rather well, my Instagram pic:

I like to learn how to cook things well, and, an that note, learn things in-depth (I will have to revisit the Good Eats rice episodes (Power to the Pilaf, Do the Rice Thing, and American Classics III: Creole in a Bowl!)

Thanks to Gordon Ramsay and the BBC for the help (videos below)!

Now, the music. There aren’t too many tracks dedicated to rice, there are lyrics with rice in them though, such as:

Rose gold Jesus piece with the brown ice
Eatin’ good: vegetarian with the brown rice

Kanye West on “Don’t Like”


Rice under black beans
Walked into Apple with cracked screens

Chance the Rapper on “Blessings (Reprise)”


Mama used to cook red beans and rice
Now it’s Denny’s, 4 in the morning, spoil your appetite

Kanye again on “No More Parties In LA”


So, for something that does not really have anything to do with rice save for the title which could be a reference to throwing rice at the end of a wedding, an artist I like, Cashmere Cat with “Rice Rain”: